Comicon In The USA

Comicon In The USA

For almost 47 years, Comicon has been a major part of the US and it’s quite easy to see why. Comic books and sci-fi shows have always had a welcomed place in many hearts, from young children to adults and being able to bring those fans together proved vastly popular. Today, there are more popular cult and classic TV shows and films promoted and of course, comic books are as popular as ever before. However, Comicon wasn’t always as we know it today; when it first began it was quite limited in comparison to modern times and people often thought of it as a ‘nerd-only’ event. That has certainly changed and Comicon continues to grow in popularity.

Comicon Origins

Originally known as the Golden State Comic Book Convention, Comicon was founded by just five members, all of which were big fans of the classic comic books. The members came together and wanted to create an event in which showcased and celebrated the best of sci-fi, fantasy and comic-related items. It was in the early 1970’s when San Diego saw its very first comic-book convention. The events held ranged significantly but showcased comics and a variety of genres such as horror, anime and sci-fi. Throughout its years, it was renamed as the San Diego Comic-Con International convention but is widely recognized and known as Comicon or Comic-Con. Now, TV shows, fantasy films, and even video games are showcased and those with no ties to the industry can showcase their talents as well.

Comicon In The USA

Modern Events And The Ever-Changing Face Of Comicon

Over the last decade or so, the amount of people interested and attending Comicon has soared. There are hundreds of thousands of sci-fi fans who flock to hear guest speakers and view collectibles on show by fans interested in showcasing their collections or selling. There is also comic books on show, new talent who aren’t represented are able to show their work; there are also workshops, seminars, and previews of feature films. The exhibition floor always proves popular for collectors and there are a range of shows promoted at this event too such as Doctor Who, Being Human, True Blood, the Big Bang Theory, and many others. This has really become a popular convention for millions. It has seen changes over the years as to how many visitors arrive. Originally, it had a small number of three or four hundred but throughout the years, those numbers have increased tenfold.

An Upsurge In The USA

Comicon has really taken off throughout the US and there are millions who travel cross country and even half way around the world to visit the original San Diego Comic convention. Americans have been inspired by the event and have allowed many to embrace the sci-fi and fantasy genre without feeling so ‘nerdy’ in a sense. Years ago, people were teased for attending Comicon but now, everyone wants to go. It is certainly growing in popularity and the demand for this is high. However, there have been some overcrowding fears as the amount visiting and attending the events have jumped. Sellout shows are providing a big hit and throughout the four day event, there is never a slow day.

A Bright Future

In truth, Comicon has provided a real show to bring people who love sci-fi, fantasy and good TV and film together. New talent such as comic book writers who aren’t published and film makers with no distributors can attend and showcase their work. Collectors can also showcase their figurine collections and merchandise collections so there is truly something for everyone. As the years pass, there will be more demand for Comicon and there are already sister events throughout the world. The original American convention will always be the standout for fans everywhere.Continue Reading

Top Comic Conventions

Top Comic Conventions

Comics have always been popular and there is no end in sight for the new and classic comics hitting the shelves. However, comic conventions are amazing events for comic book fans and those who love pop culture to get together and enjoy meeting and greeting new people. Finding the top comic conventions can be extremely important, especially if you want to visit as many as humanly possible. The following are just a few of the top comic conventions to consider attending:

San Diego Comic-Con International

Comic-Con has to be the biggest comic book convention of all time. This was really amongst the very first conventions and it remains hugely popular for a host of reasons too. Held yearly in San Diego, sci-fi lovers and comic book fans can attend the four day convention. There are video game showcase events available along with TV and movie previews. This convention has something for everyone whether you want to find new comic books you aren’t familiar with or hear some interesting guest speakers.


Mega Convention or “Megacon” as it’s also known by is truly one of the biggest conventions in the world today and it is increasing in popularity too. This convention brings together everything you could possibly dream of and the great thing about it is that this is a family run convention. Megacon is held in Florida, (Orlando to be exact) and those who have visited have only the highest praise to offer.

Top Comic Conventions


The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is truly one of the very best comic conventions available today. Those who love to view comic book or indeed carton art, will adore attending this convention. This event really is used as a fundraiser for illustrators and its aim is to help ensure appreciation of art is upheld and given more thought also. MOCCA is said to be the champion for the comic books and creators who are more on the small side which is amazing. Any true comic book fan will love the MOCCA.

Heroes Con

As one of the biggest independent comic conventions, Heroes Con attracts thousands of visitors each year. This mightn’t be on the small scale as Comic-Con and yet it truly attracts the visitors and is an amazing convention to attend. There is so much on offer here and there are many fantastic creators who attend also which mean visitors can enjoy talking to them and learning about their creations. There is only high praise for this convention.

Something for Everyone

Comic book conventions have been around for a considerable amount of time and yet they never fail to deliver. The great thing about conventions is that they change as the times change which means if there is a new craze people love, they will be present at the next convention. Even if you can’t personally attend one or two conventions, there are plenty of others available. You are sure to enjoy your time at the convention because you can learn so much and really appreciate the efforts put into the comics.

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