When it comes to hobbies, a constant war seems to rage between “nerds” and “jocks.” I’m being melodramatic, of course, like the nerd I am, but there was a time in the recent past where so called nerds were bullied by so called jocks because of two important factors. First, there is the difference in interests. Nerds are seen to be into lame things like comic books, video games, etc., while jocks are into sports. The other factor is simply that jocks have historically been encouraged to be aggressive on the field, and that translates to off the field, and the nerds are both ideologically different and an easy target due to their general lack of athleticism. This time has since (mostly) passed, thankfully. But, it should never have existed. Of course, this is because of the immoral nature of bullying, but there is a logical reason this doesn’t make sense, as well. Nerds and jocks are simply two sides of the same coin. The primary characteristic of both groups is their passion for certain things, after all. So, whether you spend your down time reading Spider Man or getting ripped with Bowflex, we’re kind of all the same.

This tends to happen with just about every form of discrimination, of course, and I would never deign to compare bullying with racism or sexism, but the fact remains that human beings are terrible at getting along with people that are essentially just like them. Think about it for a moment, and it becomes clear that nerds and jocks are essentially both different types of nerds. Nerds are not only defined by what the like, but how they treat the things they like. Nerds tend to obsessively analyse their interests, and jocks do the same thing. Think about how people talk about sports. They tend to have a detailed roster of professional players on call and they know the stats, to some extent, of these players, who used to play for different times and often when, as well. This sounds exactly like what nerds are often mocked for, doesn’t it? And, then, of course, there’s the fact that their interests frequently intersect with that of nerds in the form of sports video games. There’s really no reason that these two groups of people should have ever been at odds with each other, and it’s great that that trend is changing. Now, it’s noth jocks and nerds making millions plying their trades on the world stage.